State of mind 
Images by Tommaso Sartori

What changes faster than our minds? No place, person, object or experience is ever as unfixed once it becomes part of our thoughts. In a collection specially curated for Satori magazine, Tomasso Sartori combines light, shadow, landscape and colour in an attempt to capture that most elusive phenomenon — a state of mind.

Sartori delicately balances his chosen elements to produce photography that has an otherworldly quality. He explains: “Photography becomes the ideal medium to establish bonds among things that are remote in time and space, floating in a suspended dimension.” Through his work we gain a fleeting glimpse of a single viewpoint in an otherwise continually shifting perspective. These moments are fragile, uncertain, and will be swept away as soon as they arrive. “Though these particular photographs come from different projects, together they form a diary of sorts. Each shot tells a different story and displays a different state of mind: a specific day, a specific situation.”

His approach is no better demonstrated than in his 2014-2017 project, Pater Land. Originally taken under the pseudonym Tomas Womb, Sartori uses some of the most volatile terrain on the planet to explore ideas of impermanence and unpredictability. “Volcanoes always create a change. These shots form a hike where change can happen at any step. In a way, they represent a fracture between the known and unknown.”

Sartori’s interest in photography took root at an early age, stemming from his mother’s love for the art form and a childhood spent behind the camera. His idiosyncratic style took many years to develop, and employs an exceptionally diverse range of influences, including space, nature, society, politics, experiences and emotions. But central to every project is the need to keep things in flux. “Change is the key to every project. Without a change in perspective there can be no discovery, learning or evolution. The heart of my work is a ceaseless and passionate movement that can generate surprising transformations.” Despite the numerous sources that feed into each series, however, his biggest inspiration remains, simply, “the things that surprise my eyes.”

Tommaso is an Italian born, Swiss raised photographer. His unique style and approach to still life, portraiture, architecture and design has won him commissions from both international brands and magazines.

This feature was first published in Issue Two of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri