Images by Lottie Davies

In the most remote places in the world, one could easily feel very alone, but not Lottie Davies. “I enjoy feeling that I am the only person there at that point in time. I love being able to travel through virtually empty places, without distractions. To me cold and remote places feel like the frontier of the world. I find their natural beauty very reassuring and relaxing, it gives me a sense of comfort.”

Lottie, born in the UK in 1971, studied philosophy at St Andrews University in Scotland, before moving to London to learn the photographic trade as an assistant. Her award winning work is concerned with stories and personal histories, the tales and myths we use to structure our lives: memories, beliefs, and as a result she is always exploring, seeking out new places and looking for adventure.

North is part of an ongoing collection of images that aims not only to capture all the different places Lottie travels to for work, but also to document how human beings adapt their lifestyles, homes, food and cultural lives to their geological environment.

Lottie Davies is a multi-award -winning and BAFTA-nominated photographer based in London, UK.

This feature was first published in Issue One of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri