Laisser courir les brouillards 
Images by Virginie Chabrol

The inspiration behind Virginie Chabrol’s ethereal photographic collection is two fold. Firstly, for Virginie, it’s aesthetic is magnetising. “Mist creates a really minimalist and calm landscape”, she says. “Given the unpredictability of mist as a weather condition, the collection grows sporadically. Yet I look for these kind of conditions. I try to avoid hard sunlight and dry atmospheres. I much prefer moody days. I know everybody will react differently to this kind of weather — some may hate it! — but I have always liked being caught in it. It’s something that attracts me and that I enjoy photographing. Mist makes places look alien. It envelopes you and takes you somewhere else.” 

The second element that’s driven her to travel extensively across Scotland and parts of America, is how this nebulous climate can often alter one’s perception. “It can totally reshape or change a place: a patch of light, the dark silhouette of a tree or the curved line of a lake’s bank can suddenly appear or disappear here and there. We rely a lot on our vision. It’s quite incredible all the information our brain can analyse and understand just by seeing things; sometimes briefly, sometimes without even really looking at them.”

“Being caught in the mist forces us to recalculate the way we interpret what’s in front of us. Our eyes are not trustworthy anymore; they trick us. Our other senses are then heightened as this happens. The feeling about a place and the idea we have of it transforms. That is something that really interests me as a human experience, but also as a photographer – because the medium I use is totally based on visual elements.”

This innate sense of wanting to portray the world around her is in Virginie’s blood, just as photography is in her nature. She says her father taught her a lot. He would always be seen with a camera in hand, shooting and developing his own film, so a kind of magical association was formed. Yet it wasn’t until she decided to quit her job to travel for a year that it truly became central to her life. “When I moved to Scotland, I decided to make a living from freelance photography. For me, travel was the impetus for this. I don’t think the concept of change can be associated with my work in general, but it often triggers something. I need change in my life. I need to be confronted by new places, situations, people... I guess it is the same for my photographs. I doubt I could have created this collection without it.”

Virginie is a French photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. For more information please visit her website at

This feature was first published in Issue Two of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri