Images and Words by Sam Copeland

Whether it’s the warm light spilling on tto the bodywork of an old car, the frill or detail from a piece of clothing, or a scattering of perfectly placed moles on someone’s face; I usually find myself drawn towards subjects that are beautiful, to me. Beauty is everywhere, it sometimes takes just an extra second to find that special something that stops you in your tracks. 

There has to be character, honesty, an energy. A moment where the subject has allowed themselves to simply ‘be’. And in that brief flicker of a moment you get a feeling, anunderstanding, between the both of you. That’s the buzz of taking pictures. Catching something in a second that fits perfectly, so everything in front of you fits like it’s always supposed to have been, and nothing else matters but this. That’s the picture.

Hair clips by Simone Rocha, Corset belt by AlaÏa

We are drawn to Elif. She is quiet in volume, but you know she has a lot to say. Her inquisitive, and alluring nature slow the pace of our morning, making each considered click of the shutter an intriguing discovery. I’m a little simple minded when it comes to looking at an image. You like it, or you don’t.

Earring and necklace both by Alighieri, Corset belt by Fleet Ilya

Hat by Maison Michel, Necklace by Rachel Entwistle

We’re more likely to show gratitude and support through the powers of a ‘double tap’, a modern day approval. We float through an exhibition, a gallery space, and walk on by to the next temple of adornment because nothing has grabbed our attention — or we swim around in the comforting delight of something a second longer, because it makes us feel.

That’s what beauty is, to me. We carry around the ability to think and feel which is unique to each and every individual, to like and dislike, and have an opinion which we can voice. However typical or nonsensical, wherever you find it, beauty is whatever you decide it to be – yes you, your own brilliant being, your unique beautiful self.

Earring and Hair clip by Alighieri

Above: Hat by Lola Hats. Below: Hair clips, both by Simone Rocha

Model: Elif @ The Anti Agency
Makeup: Lou Box using NARS Cosmetics
Hair: Maki Tanaka
Photo Assistant: Jess Ellis

Sam was born in Scotland in 1990. After graduating at Grays School of Art in 2011 with a degree in Visual Communications, she moved to London. Now, after 4 years assisting Photographer Julian Broad, Sam primarily works in fashion and beauty. samcopeland.co.uk

This artile was first published in Three of SATORI. Discover Issue Three here >

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri