Images by Alba Giertz

“I always suspect that I’ve hurt someone”

Stockholm-based photographer Alba Giertz’s Alzheimer provides a moving insight into the effects of mental decay. The project documents her own grandfather’s decline and struggle with the disease, and Giertz’s complex relationship with her subject allows for a singular perspective. She explains: “I felt like a stranger (we hardly ever spoke) but I was still his relative and entitled to tell his story. This enabled the series into existence.”

“I never thought anyone would visit me again”

The photography, therefore, delivers an intimacy that only her personal connection could guarantee, but simultaneously views the disease with an unflinching, dispassionate eye. Shots of her grandfather’s room, his possessions and the hospital he lives in become all the more palpable. Likewise, Giertz’s own conclusions regarding her work are solemn, yet stoical: “The fact that we, and our memories fade might just be what prevents us from truly being invested in existing.” 

“There is a thread between you and my past”

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This feature was first published in Issue Two of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri