Images by Morgan Silk

Morgan Silk was born and raised in England and studied photography at Blackpool and Fylde College. Ten years after graduating, when Morgan was building a successful retouching business, he made the decision to follow his heart and return to photography. He began shooting personal work which soon gained international exposure through London gallery shows and winning awards, including a prestigious AOP Gold Award.

He embraced a new career, travelling the world, shooting campaigns and editorials for leading clients and brands, and it was during one such trip that he created his Aerial series. “I was on assignment in Cape Town and one of the images was to be shot from a helicopter. I’d never been up in one before and was quite anxious as I suffered from vertigo. In order to overcome this I felt I needed to shoot pictures during the journeys to and from the location.”

The results are certainly spectacular and the feeling of calm they created in Morgan could not be further from the extremely noisy, windy, and intense reality outside the chopper. “When I photographed the Aerial series I felt a calm weightlessness, a freedom, like floating. I think it was the vertigo induced panic evaporating, with a feeling of a weight lifting off my shoulders. Maybe this feeling combined with the magical bird’s eye view helped me capture these images.”

Morgan sees all photos as static frames grabbed from the flow of time, and believes that all images are inherently still. Even movies, he notes, are made up of still frames. “Stillness can be found in even the busiest of scenes and I try to remain still while pressing the shutter, often holding my breath.” He also had to remain physically still whilst shooting, totally strapped in for his own safety he could hardly move for hours.

“I was enduring a battle with my own senses and trying to win by staying calm and still. The beauty of what was way below me never stopped moving in and out of frame and my heart was rushing.”

By the end of his trip to Cape Town Morgan had battled his fear of heights to go up in the air a total of six times and almost cured his vertigo completely. “I originally went to Cape Town to do a job, but came away from it feeling I had achieved more.”

Morgan has recently relocated to rural Derbyshire. When he’s not busy shooting, retouching or printing his editions, he can be found pursuing his other creative obsessions which include music production and craft brewing.

This feature was first published in Issue One of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri