A field guide to snow and ice
Images by Paula McCartney

Paula McCartney’s photographs and artists’ books explore the idea of constructed landscapes and the way that people interact with and manipulate the natural world. Her second monograph, A Field Guide to Snow and Ice, was inspired by her move to a region with a long and cold winter. “I wanted to explore the idea of winter, to visualise the sensation of always being aware of winter and knowing that it was never too far away.” This led her to visit a range of locations from epic lakes and volcanoes to a simple rural farm in Wisconsin, creating images that reminded her of winter being everywhere, at all times of year, in various natural elements.

Creating these images has not only given Paula an aesthetic appreciation for snow and ice, but it has helped instil a wonder, for the nature of winter and a beauty that is hard won, in both herself and her audience. “Someone once wrote to me explaining that he often related winter with coldness and isolation but these photographs instead offered him a sense of calm.” It had the same effect on Paula. “I find it hard to be still enough to notice the beauty and wonder that surrounds me. But when I can wrestle my mind to be still, I am always rewarded.”

Paula has been exhibited across the US and in numerous public collections. paulamccartney.com

This feature was first published in Issue One of SATORI. To explore issue one further click here.

Created by Duncan Woods & Seb Camilleri